A few words about Proposition 65 Warnings

Consumers who see "WARNING: Reproductive Harm" on a supplement label will likely think "What dangerous substance could be in that product that is supposed to be helping me?"  We certainly would say this. 

So, we felt compelled to write a post about the P65 warning that we show on some of our supplement pages. Why would someone order a supplement with this warning...right?

Let us explain.

Firstly, this warning is only for products sold in California. So, anyone buying supplements outside of California can disregard the warning. We wonder why other states have not followed California's lead with this warning. Perhaps they see it as unreasonable?  

Some chemicals like lead are found naturally in many substances and plants. some lead levels may exceed the P65 safe harbor limit. 

Below is an excerpt from www.naturalproductsinsider.com, which summarizes our point really well. Here's the link: https://www.naturalproductsinsider.com/regulatory/prop-65-immodest-proposal

"Issue for Dietary Supplement Products

Proteins, botanicals and many minerals all are well-known to contain heavy metals that exceed those on the Prop 65 list. Many plants absorb heavy metals from the soil in which they are grown,  including those used in dietary supplements. For example, Prop 65 sets a safe harbor limit of 0.5 mcg of lead per serving, but this limit is far below the amount of lead naturally found in fruits and vegetables,  even those grown on clean, non-contaminated soils. In 2009 the State of California conducted its own food crop soil-lead-uptake analysis (Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 129:212220), and its own experts found that the most commonly consumed vegetables (from 70 different locations), averaged nearly four times the Prop 65 lead limit per serving. Using the Prop 65 own standard, each serving of potatoes, lettuce, wheat, carrots and most other vegetables would require a lead warning."

You can find many articles online about the issues with this warning label to be placed on so many health products and supplements. 

We understand that the intent is to protect the public. We agree to this 100%. However, some of this makes no sense. If we're selling a product that has the same amount of lead as a potato or carrot, why should we have to put a warning label on our supplement but a potato can be sold with no problem. It doesn't add up. 

This is what we're getting at...we don't want our customers to be fearful of what we're selling as we're selling great products.

You can also look at the ingredients on our the products. There are no strange or mysterious products in our supplements. You've seen most of these herbs and mushrooms before ( though it's the THS blend that makes them special : ) ) 

The point of the brief post is to provide some explanation to our customers as to why this warning statement is on some of our supplements.

We take what we do seriously and we would not sell anything that we feel is harmful to the general public. This would be unfathomable. 

We greatly appreciate your support and trust in our products. Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns at contasct@theherbanshaman.com.

You can read all about Proposition 65 here: https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/