How Gotu Kola Improves Memory and Contributes to Brain Health

Gotu Kola is an herb resembling the ubiquitous parsley in appearance; however, many people believe it has unique medicinal properties making it suitable to treat a wide range of ailments and conditions. Long hailed by Ayurvedic practitioners as the key to longevity, with curative properties applicable to a wide range of physical and mental ailments, this leafy plant has gradually found its place in western society as a prominent ingredient in brain supplements. 

Expanding Traditional Uses

The Gotu Kola plant contains triterpenoid saponins, natural plant compounds that defend against pathogens, and somatic deterioration. Among the many traditional uses for Gotu Kola include:

  • Treating wounds and skin problems
  • Increasing energy and longevity
  • Enhancing nerve function and memory
  • Relieving anxiety and depression
  • Treating gastrointestinal and menstrual distress

The herb's impact on nerves and memory has led scientists to investigate how Gotu Kola benefits individuals suffering from age-related cognitive decline and might prevent brain plaque formation, a hallmark of Alzheimer's disease. Recent studies, including a 2012 International Journal of Alzheimer's disease article linking inflammation to memory loss and dementia, suggest there is reason to believe that the herb's inclusion in brain supplements can help prevent or slow these conditions' progression due to its anti-inflammatory properties.  

Additional Brain Benefits

Anyone needing further convincing about how Gotu Kola benefits the brain can consider these additional supportive roles this powerhouse herb plays.

Improves Circulation

The brain requires significant amounts of energy from the oxygen and vital nutrients the blood carries to it. It is cleansed of toxins that the blood helps remove. Gotu Kola strengthens blood vessels to make them an efficient and reliable vehicle to transfer vital brain food to support healthy cognition. 

Improves Sleep

Brain supplements containing Gotu Kola improve sleep, which plays a vital role in all living creatures' well-being due to its restorative power. Research indicates that the brain cleanses itself during sleep by flushing out toxic waste that can cause cognitive decline. In Alzheimer's patients, the space between brain cells remains clogged with toxins, damaging the cells and prohibiting their communication. Scientists surmise that individuals predisposed to poor sleep develop a buildup of brain toxins prevalent in Alzheimer's.  

Promotes Brain Cell Production

Gotu Kola activates the release of the hormone, Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor, which activates brain neuron generation and promotes the growth of complex pathways that create efficient communication between neurons. As the intricacy of this network of pathways increases, brain function also increases.

Provides Mental Support

Research showing that Gotu Kola brain supplements are beneficial for treating individuals with anxiety and panic disorders and depression supports early users' long-standing beliefs in the herbs' positive impact on common mental health conditions. 

How To Take Gotu Kola

Although people in Asia have added the herb directly to their food for centuries, most westerners take the herb in pill or powder form or drink it as tea. When combined with nutrients from herbs and mushrooms, Gotu Kola can help create a powerhouse supplement.

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