How Shamans Have Used the Magical Powers of Plants for Centuries

Evidence goes back at least 60,000 years that humans have used the powers of plants to heal disease and to engage in ceremonial rituals. This practice goes by many names and is often called Shaman Herbalism. The practitioners of these arts, known as shamans, healers, priests or priestesses, mystics, or medicine men or women, have often relied on herbal supplements. These important personages can be found throughout the ancient world. In many places they still use their skills today to enhance the lives of community members. Medical botany is the more modern name for using plants to heal, to improve brain function, and to relieve stress.

The Spiritual Angle

Shamans provided a link to the spiritual world, often with the help of psychoactive plants. Tribal healers had a deep understanding of herbal remedies that seemed to have magical powers, either singly or in combination with other plants. These powers were used in rituals and ceremonies for a variety of goals:

  • Dream or vision quests
  • Rain dances
  • Purification rituals
  • Evil spirit protection
  • Famine prevention

Psychotropic drugs such as certain mushrooms created a pathway into the spirit world where the shaman served as a guide or interpreter. These plants of mind and spirit were viewed by many cultures as a divine gift for humans to use wisely. Herbal supplements were seen as indispensable to this process. While each culture used different plants and ceremonies, the purpose was always to improve the lives of those in the community. 

The Healing Approach

It did not take long for cultures to learn that plants had healing powers. The shamans or medicine men and women began to learn what plant-based vitamins and supplements could heal common problems such as digestive issues, fevers, and aches and pains. More Western societies such as the Ancient Greeks and the Romans began to treat diseases with herbal remedies. Hippocrates and Aristotle were early students of herbal treatments. 

In many respects, though, the shaman, even in modern times, is most interested in spiritual healing. One modern-day shaman from Peru talks about three ways that sacred plants can heal a person's spiritual being:

  1. By revealing a person's attraction to a dark side or to destructive energy
  2. By purging this bad emotional energy
  3. By revealing particular gifts and talents

Individual shamans have favorite recipes and plants that work best under certain conditions. Powerful ceremonies can reinvigorate a person's interest in the spiritual world.

The Power of Mushrooms

When it comes to effective herbal supplements, it is hard to deny the power of fungi. Plant wisdom and healing properties come from many types of mushrooms:

  • Cordyceps
  • Chaga
  • Lion's mane
  • Reishi
  • Shitake

Medical benefits of mushrooms include boosting of the immune system, lowering blood pressure and helping with weight loss. They can also provide important nutrients such as zinc, copper, thiamin and magnesium. Shamans used the magic power of mushrooms as a way to create a pathway into the spiritual world.

The Power of All Natural Products

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