Mushroom Supplements as Immune Boosters and Stress Relievers

There is a long-standing history of the health benefits of mushrooms throughout Asia and other traditional cultures. While herbalists continue to sing the praises of these glorious fungi, a number of people ignore their advantages out of distaste or disgust. However, growing knowledge and advanced studies mean increasing numbers of medical professionals are offering acclaim for the varying mushroom species, and manufacturers now make consumption easier by creating supplements and powders.

For many people, mushrooms may be an acquired taste, but with developments by the supplement industry, it is easier than ever to enjoy the benefits. A plethora of fungi provide people with an affordable way to boost their immune system, reduce disease risks, and balance mood. Those still on the fence about eating mushrooms or taking a fungus-based supplement should consider the facts.

Health Benefits of Mushrooms

Mushrooms offer a wide array of health benefits through regular consumption. The nutrients and compounds in various mushroom species make them a bonus to any healthy diet.

The antioxidant-rich fungus may reduce the risk of some cancers. According to the National Cancer Institute, certain levels of antioxidant content can reduce cancer risks. A study published in Scientific Reports in 2016 also suggests that choline, an antioxidant found in many mushrooms, can reduce the development or progression of some cancers.

In addition, mushrooms provide several vitamins and minerals that benefit heart, muscle and brain function. The American Heart Association recommends consuming foods containing one such mineral, potassium, to decrease cardiovascular disease or hypertension risks. While a number of foods contain such beneficial substances, mushrooms are a reliable source for many.

Nutritional Advantages

Beyond the health benefits of mushrooms, the fungus also provides other nutritional advantages. Mushrooms have a high concentration of several B vitamins:

  • Riboflavin
  • Thiamine
  • Folate
  • Niacin
  • Panthothenic acid

The contents of B vitamins, vitamin D, choline and other chemicals mean that consuming mushrooms can promote healthy brain activity, cellular integrity, memory, muscle movement and learning.

Mushrooms also provide a significant source of nutrients for a vegan diet. While vegans may find it difficult to find natural sources of selenium, potassium, copper, iron and phosphorous, mushroom nutrition is a consistent and reliable source.

Stress Relief and Supplements

It is impossible to discuss the health benefits of mushrooms without acknowledging the positive effect the fungus has on stress, depression and anxiety. The chemical makeup of the reishi mushroom includes triterpenes, which is a stress-reducing chemical and immune-modulator. Certain supplements, like Stress Support and Serene Support, provide a combination of mushroom species, like reishi and others, to produce feelings of calm and relaxation.

Current scientific research supports a number of real mushroom benefits. However, before making any dietary changes or incorporating the daily use of supplements into your routine, it is best to consult with your primary care physician.

If you have any additional questions about the health benefits of mushrooms or specific mushroom supplements, contact The Herban Shaman. A representative will get back to you quickly to provide information and answers to your inquiries and help you determine the best nutritional supplement for your specific needs and concerns.