Mushrooms: Nature’s Energy Generators


 Energy is directly tied to vitality It sparks initiative and provides fuel to do the things you love and get the job done. Without energy your life is lackluster. Low energy can lead to feeling overwhelmed and it is associated with low libido, depression and apathy. Basically, fatigue can rob you of the prospect of living your best life. When your energy is low, it negatively effects your ability to love, work and play.

Sources of Energy

Many people boost energy by using caffeine, sugar, nicotine, and/or adrenaline. Did you know that one of the reasons people procrastinate is because an imposing deadline can trigger adrenaline from the fight or flight response much like parachuting, gambling or other high-risk behaviors? While these are effective sources of energy, they can be addictive and take a toll on your health. 


 Energy Zappers

If you keep hitting your alarm clock for an extra 10 minutes of sleep in the morning, you are not alone. According to a National Safety Council report, 76% of workers reported they feel tired at work and 53% felt less productive due to a lack of sleep. While poor sleep can be a factor, it is important to examine other things that zap energy. 


Inflammation is one major energy zapper because the body uses energy to reduce it, especially when it is chronic. Anyone who has experienced depression knows it is another energy drain.  Infections can tax the body’s energy by engaging the immune system—think of the fatigue experienced fighting a cold or flu. Hidden infections can also slow you down. Both bacterial and viral, they can hide in bones, teeth, gums or be caused by parasites like hookworm or fungus such as Candida. Additionally, poor nutrition and toxins also negatively affect energy.


Even if you are getting the sleep you need, eating a healthy diet, exercising, managing your stress and staying infection-free, energy lulls can still happen. Unexpected disappointments, setbacks and/or devastating news can leave the healthiest person depleted. Dehydration and fluctuating blood sugar levels also lead to feeling dull, groggy, sleepy, lethargic, and lacking in motivation. Energy lows can be so bad for some people that they feel like they must drag themselves through their own lives.


Tired Vs. Fatigue


Being tired is not the same as experiencing fatigue or exhaustion. When you are tired you can recover with rest and/or exercise according to Dr. Karin Olson a researcher at the University of Alberta.  Fatigue and exhaustion, on the other hand, are not mitigated by rest, and exercise may make things worse Olsen reported in an article published in Oncology Nursing Forum. “The onset of the manifestations of fatigue, particularly if these are not normal states for you, should be taken seriously,” Olsen said.  Therefore, it is advised to see a medical professional to rule out any underlying health issues. 


Mushrooms and Energy


With the many things that can extinguish your spark, it is important to find healthy energy sources and research indicates medicinal mushrooms can help assist in that endeavor. 


Medicinal mushrooms have phytoconstituents that can be helpful. Cordyceps, for example, are high in the element germanium. It has been reported that germanium increases oxygen levels in cells. Oxygen is essential for metabolism—the body’s mechanism for energy production. This is why you feel more energized with oxygen and tend to feel sluggish in high altitudes where oxygen is diminished. Interestingly, oxygen-boosting germanium is plentiful in Cordyceps, but not found in many other foods.


Reishi mushrooms, when given to animals, have decreased fasting serum glucose levels. The more Reishi mushrooms given, the better the blood sugar regulation according to researchers. Additionally, studies show that Cordyceps lower inflammation while other studies show that Reishi mushrooms can also be anti-inflammatory. When it comes to detoxification, Reishi mushrooms have long been known to support liver function. And both Reishi and Cordyceps are recognized for their immune modulating effects.


When Seeking to Boost Energy


Consider the positive benefits of Cordyceps and Reishi mushrooms when choosing an energy supplement. Their phytoconstituents could be the perfect combination to bring back the spring in your step.


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