Rhodiola: An Herbal Option for Increasing Energy and Combatting Stress

If you rush the kids to school, prepare meals for your family, and complete your work hours while constantly fighting the urge to lie down and take a quick nap, you are not alone! You may want to consider using herbal medicine to bolster your stamina. Rhodiola rosea is one of the best supplements in the natural medicine world for treating anxiety, stress, and fatigue.

What Is Rhodiola?

This powerful little flowering herb, found in the mountains of some of the world’s coldest areas, is referred to colloquially as “roseroot” or “golden root”, but it is most often called Rhodiola rosea, or simply Rhodiola, in natural health communities. It has been used in medical literature since 1748 to relieve patients of stress, fatigue, depression, and anxiety. 

Rhodiola has caught the attention of scientists and natural medicine practitioners alike for its ability to produce both stimulating and tranquilizing effects on patients depending on the dose they have been given. An herbal supplement like Rhodiola may be of great benefit to those who deal with chronic stress, anxiety, and winter blues by increasing neurotransmitters that affect stress response and regulation of emotion.

Rhodiola Can Help You Adapt to Stress

Are you feeling burnt out from this year’s events? Rhodiola could increase your body’s tolerance to stress by working on the central nervous system to blunt the effects of highly stressful situations on your body. Stress can increase inflammation in the body and surprisingly, in the brain itself, which can lead to a host of unpleasant symptoms like brain fog, poor short-term memory, and insomnia. Help your body recover from mental, emotional, and even physical stress faster with the assistance of our high-quality Rhodiola. 

Rhodiola Can Increase Your Energy

Do you struggle with daily exhaustion? If cold weather and shorter periods of daylight make you want to hibernate instead of celebrating the holiday festivities with your loved ones, stock up on energy support for the winter. Rhodiola has been used by those who live in regions in the far north of the world — Scandinavia and Russia, specifically — to combat fatigue and depression. It has been shown to increase physical performance in Olympic-level athletes as well as regular workers. 

For a boost of energy, The Herban Shaman's Mushroom Energy Support uses Rhodiola in it excellent formula to boost energy. As always, be sure to begin a new herbal regimen under the guidance of a healthcare professional. To find more information on boosting your energy with herbal medicine and to peruse our catalog of high-quality herbal supplements, visit us at The Herban Shaman today.


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