Thriving through Energy

Many people will say that the lack of energy they feel day to day is the reason for not doing the things they truly want to do. After so much time spent on work and family life, it is often the sloppy seconds that remain for the other stuff, such as socializing, leisure activity, and the all-important self-care that we need to function in the modern world. 

However, it is possible to find the energy for all that you wish to do in your day! It doesn’t need to feel like a constant uphill struggle when you concentrate on balance and moderation within the key areas of your life. Life cannot be all work and no play, and vice versa. 

Creating Balance 

For instance, we often forgo the gym workout or exercise class because we feel low on energy; in truth, a workout of some sort revitalizes you so that you acquire more energy, and not less. A low-moderate exercise session provides a kick start to your metabolism and fires up your body on a cellular level. And exercise through the wintertime, in particular, can help to ward off feelings of lethargy; just like the sun, it can energize you. 

Energy comes from food, so it stands to reason that if we aren’t eating enough of the good stuff, we will feel it immensely. A good diet should be balanced with an adequate intake of vitamins and minerals that help to protect the body at a fundamental level. 

Energy-giving foods can mean the difference between you getting to the gym or slouching in front of the television! A poor digestive system can mean that you don’t absorb the nutrients you have from food as well as you should, this is why digestive function and gut health is so important. If you aren’t absorbing vitamins and minerals appropriately, then your energy levels will continue to fall short of what is needed to live well. 

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